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About Pantera: Power Metal

Power Metal

About Pantera: Power Metal

Pantera is an American heavy metal band from Texas, and they were formed in the year 1981. The band members were Vinnie Paul who was the drummer of the group, Dimebag Darrell who was the guitarist, and then there were the Abbot brothers and Terry Glaze who was the lead singer of the band.  Rex Brown who was the bassist joined the group a year later and replaced Tommy D. Bradford. Pantera started out as a glam metal band but then decided to have a groove metal sound, as the bands Metallica and  Motorhead were gaining popularity among people, Pantera also wanted to try out something similar and thus replaced Terry Glam with Phil Anselmo in the year 1986. The band then released the albums like power metal in the year 1988 and Cowboy’s from hell in the year 1990. The album ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ had songs which had a more substantial sound and was released in the year 1992 and the album Far Beyond Driven became very popular, and it hit the charts of the Billboard 200 in the year 1994.

Power Metal

The power Metal is another album which was released by Pantera. It was the fourth studio album they had released through Metal Magic Records in the year 1988. After featuring the new lead singer, Phil Anselmo the Power Metal album was the first album to be released after Phil Anselmo had joined the band.

Overview of the Album: Power Metal:

The first three albums were more of a glam metal, and since the band decided to change the genre of their songs, they hired Phil Anselmo and made the fourth album which was known as the Power Metal. The power metal had an aggressive tone and style, and sometimes the songs in the album sounded similar to thrash metal. Songs like Down below and Death Trap had a very similar genre to that of a heavy and thrash metal music. However, the band still showed traces of glam metal in most of the songs such as Hard Ride. The guitarist Dimebag Darrell who was then credited as “Diamond Darrell” also performs vocals on “P*S*T*88”.

Marc Ferrari who was the guitarist of Keel wrote the song Proud to be loud, he also produced the song and was planning to release it on the self-titled album in the year 1987, but Keel did not record the version until Keel VI: Back in action was recorded in the year 1998. The version that Pantera had used was used as a party song in a theatrical cut in the year 2001 in a film Donnie Darko and was credited to The Dead Green Mummies. The song also appears in many other movies like Trail to Doomsday, The Mighty Ducks 2 and a MacGyver TV movie in the year 1994.

The first lead singer of the band, Terry Glaze wrote the song Down Below which was released on the fourth album, Power Metal after he was replaced by Phil Anselmo.

The songs in the album are:

  • “Rock the World”
  • “Power Metal”
  • “We’ll Meet Again”
  • “Over and Out”
  • “Proud to Be Loud” (Marc Ferrari)
  • “Down Below” (Diamond Darrell, Terry Glaze, Vinnie Paul, Rex Rocker)
  • “Death Trap”
  • “Hard Ride”
  • “Burnnn!”
  • “P*S*T*88” (Darrell, Paul, Rocker)
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